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I’m Bleeding All Over the Place: A Living History Tour

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Read more about the show in this interview with Brooke in the Huffington Post.

This project is a huge endeavor that extends off the four events I organized last May at the New Museum called I’m Bleeding All Over the Place: Studies in Directing or Nine Encounters Between Me and You. In this project I am stepping forward and back, after 15+ years of making experimental theater, to try to understand something at the core of performance: the relationships between the performers, the director, and the audience.

It’s incredibly exciting and risky work and I am unbelievably lucky to be working with a fantastic team of writers, performers, and designers.

Performers include Becca Blackwell, Jane Bradley, Hye Young Chyun, Sharon Hayes, Laryssa Husiak, Anna Kohler, Zave´ Martohardjono, Greg Mehrten, Alexander Paris, and Tanya Selvaratnam.

The design team is: Andreea Mincic, Alice Tavener, Sarah Johnston and Justin Townsend.

I’m Bleeding All Over the Place: A Living History Tour includes written text by Brooke O’Harra and Casey Llewellyn, with Erin Courtney, Kristen Kosmas and Heidi Schreck and original music by Brendan Connelly.

And with Stage Manager Max Pendergast and an amazing crew of assistants, Nick Auer, Dan Peeples, Joe Burkhard and Heather Konish.

I am trying to raise $9,000 to support the project beyond the production money I already have. The majority of the budget is allocated to compensating the amazing team that is assembled to make it happen.

Your help is invaluable.

As always, even the smallest donations are welcome and encouraged. I know that we’re all stretched across a thousand financial obligations and necessities.

As I have learned from many of you that are receiving this email, despite these necessities, we persist in doing, making and sharing the work we feel passionate about with the continued hope that the power of our conversation as artists can create small moments of social, political and aesthetic possibility. I am constantly moved by the work of friends and colleagues, mentors and students.

As we all keep forging ahead, please consider helping me out with this project.

I would be immensely grateful to have your support behind me.

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And then come on the tour.

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