“Intimacy” Short excerpt from I’m Bleeding All Over the Place: A Living History Tour

We start in the middle of the tour and move through several moments of “intimacy.”
Written by Brooke O’Harra with Casey Llewellyn and Directed by Brooke…

Room For Cream Season 4 The Mini-series Episode 1 EXCERPT

This is a short scene from RFC Season 4 Episode 1 “Here We Go Again.”
Written by Jess Barbagallo with story by the Dyke Division and Directed by Brooke…


There is Always Room for Cream

It’s hard to believe it has been almost ten years since the Dyke Division of the Theatre of a Two-Headed Calf first introduced audiences to Room for Cream, their “live lesbian soap opera” that ran for three “seasons” at La Mama and became an underground hit. Set in Sappho, a lesbian haven hidden somewhere in the Berkshire mountains, the series depicted an idyllic but complex queer community that had audiences longing to live there too. Read more…


A Performance About Queerness Emulates a Soap Opera


With humor and intellectual curiosity, the Dyke Division of the Two-Headed Calf’s Room for Cream uses the lens of soap operas to investigate contemporary queerness. Read more…


Queer Charisma — MOSQUITO


“Room for Cream” is tinged with the queer feeling that you might already be part of its production. It may present a utopia of sorts, one that its own instability does little to blemish, but it is the rare kind of charm that turns outward from itself into the world of the “real.”

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